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Lieutenant Nicole Taggert

Name Nicole Alexandra Taggert

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 144
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Nicci is curvy and physically fit, and keeps active hiking and working out. She has long blonde hair that reaches down to her lumbar vertebrae, but often wears it up while on duty. She has a authoritative soprano 2 voice, and freckles across her nose. She has no scars or tattoos.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a. She miscarried once but refuses to talk about it.
Father James William Taggert
Mother Dagny Elizabeth Taggert
Brother(s) James, Edward, Michael
Sister(s) Jessica, Julia, Elizabeth Anne
Other Family Jessica, Julia, Elizabeth Anne

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nicci has a kind and loyal personality, and can be a bit obsessive when she likes something, like building blocks, tech journals, model starships, and the like. She is introverted, but likes being around people in short bursts. Due to her time at Bellringer station, she has very little modesty to the consternation of some who have been around her since.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
-eidetic memory
-intuitive ability to find and fix problems in machines, even if the solution is not exactly 'textbook.'
-loyal and tries to keep in touch with her friends even if it's been years since they last saw each other.
-slightly stronger than average due to regular exercise

-social anxiety
-introverted nature overwhelms her in crowds at times
-need for pheromone blockers to control excess production by her body
-fixative personality, when someone hurts her or her friends or tries to do so, she often can't let it go when she should put her energies to more constructive pursuits.
Ambitions Nicci wishes to be the best engineer in the fleet, and one day design her own ship class.
Hobbies & Interests Nicci likes tinkering, be it with antique cars on Earth, with building block toys or transforming robots, or with ship's systems to get better performance, she likes to keep her hands busy. She also likes reading engineering journals, hiking on the holodeck, reliving the past (she has a big Americana collection of old things), cooking and eating.

Nicci eats a lot, but her body burns it off more easily than regular humans. She loves racing old muscle cars, or even playing at Gundam in the holodeck. But she more often than not will be hoking in the Appalachians on the holodeck or back on Earth.

Personal History Nicci grew up as Nicholas in a loving household and showed an aptitude early on for building things and figuring out how things work. He built with LEGO and other building toys, built model starships and model cars, and grew into more active sports like Tae Kwon Do and hiking, while also keeping up with academics, graduating in the top 5% of his high school class, and top of his engineering class at the academy. He visited other planets as a kid, which helped solidify his decision to join Starfleet, visiting New Germany, New Russia, and New Nordland. He joined up and made it to graduate top of his class.

The tragedy struck when his shuttle was attacked and the people stolen by a rogue group of Orions who had made their base at the Bellringer station, a genetic research facility long abandoned. Several dozen were experimented on, finding the right appearances so the Orions could use them as 'infiltration agents' to infiltrate top secret Starfleet areas and return information and technology to the Orions for sale on the black market. After getting a DNA graft and going through the pain of that change, soon after, Starfleet's special forces team rescued everyone, but the station was destroyed before they could recover everyone's old DNA profiles to try to cure them. After several months of therapy and learning to cope with his new body, Nicholas was given a new identity as Nicole, and her records changed to reflect her new name and gender. Despite her genetic alterations, she was allowed to continue in service provided she kept that information between her and her commanding officer, the CMO, and the counselor and did not raise any red flags. Nicci was declared fit to return to duty, and was assigned to the USS Tomcat as an ensign and Engineering Officer. She later earned promotion to Assistant Chief Engineering Officer and a Lt, JG rank before becoming the Chief Engineer. Once she completed her in-rank time, she was transferred to the USS Andromeda. A situation similar to Doctor Julian Bashir, her genetic alteration was not sought after, but she is making it work with her career.

Her body, as far as she has found out, needs to eat more, but also doesn't really gain weight in the usual places. It's surprisingly flexible as well. She needs pheromone blockers so that she doesn't unknowingly cause issues with other crewmen. When she gets on a problem in engineering, she can sometimes zone out, but that's just her brain working through the solution fast enough that she can 'see' the solution right in front of her.

The admiral who allowed her to continue in the Starfleet, Admiral James Hammond, knew her father, while another admiral, Devane, called her an 'embarrassment' to Starfleet, and became a thorn in Nicci's side her entire Starfleet career until Devane was arrested for treason. Hammond personally apologized for the stress that Devane and her accomplice, Admiral Gray, caused, giving Nicci another month's leave to use as she saw fit, when she saw fit.
Service Record 2344 - Born on Earth
2361 - entered Starfleet Academy in engineering program;
2365 - graduated top of her class in engineering, with a focus in warp theory; served for 6 months in Sector 001 at Utopia Planitia
2365 (June) - on a shuttle, she was kidnapped and taken to the Orion 'Bellringer' station, where she got a DNA graft that completely altered her appearance, intending to be used as a spy for the Orion Syndicate. She was rescued by Starfleet and took a leave to undergo counseling for the ordeal
2366 - reported fit for duty
2366 - Assigned to USS Tomcat
2368 - Promoted to Chief Engineer of USS Tomcat
2370 - Transferred to the USS Andromeda as Chief Engineer