Welcome to the Andromeda!

Welcome to Alternatrek! This is a fanon-based semi-Star-Trek universe for the purpose of fans of the pre-2009 series and movies to create characters and go on adventures in the vastness of space.

For Alternatrek, our canon is:

    *TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager
    *Star Trek: The Motion Picture up to Nemesis
    *That Wacky Redhead additions to TOS adventures to bring it up to 5 years where applicable.
    *Franz Josef and most FASA 1980s ships
    *Fan-created characters, races, ships, aliens, and situations found here or on the wiki.
    *Deck plans circulating on the internet for Intrepid, Galaxy, Constitution, Sovereign, and other ships.
    *Star Trek Star Charts

Not included:

    *Lower Decks, Prodigy, Discovery, JJ-Trek, Strange New Worlds.
    *Voyager's Warp 10 episode
    *Spock's Brain, And the Children Shall Lead, The Way to Eden

For specifics, see individual wiki pages.

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