Making the cut.

Posted on Fri Dec 23rd, 2022 @ 10:00am by Lieutenant Alex Sexton

Down to business

Establishing a chain of command is one of the most important things you can do as a leader. Training someone to take your place in a Combat arms role is key to the survival of your unit. Not so much on a Star Ship, but the security personnel on the Andromeda would occasionally go on away missions and structure was paramount. So it was time to lay down the ground rules.

Sexton had read the Standard Operating Procedures for the ships mission and could find no fault with them. The Prime Directive was written in stone. But one did what one must to survive. But before any of that could be discussed, he needed to know that there was enough fire power for them to get medieval if it came to that. As a cop, they had a saving. You are your own backup until backup gets there. Keep a cool head, even when everybody else is loosing theirs. This had served him well over the years.

Now he needed to know that out of the gate, his security dept. Could handle anything they came across. To find that out he would need to run some drills. It was time for a department meeting so he could see what he was working with, and that meant throwing them in on the deep end.

First he would book a holodeck. Then get it set up as a kill house. Run his people through it changing the scenarios as they progressed through the programs. Once he had determined who was strongest at which discipline he would make up teams, set a shift rotation and maintenance schedule for the weapons arrays and multiple platforms. Then and only then would he consider himself and his people ready. He tapped his comm badge and called the department to training.

+comm+ “Attention security personnel. There will be a mandatory training session at 09:00 tomorrow. If you are coming off shift, you’ll be the first members tested so you can be released to get some sleep. That is all.” +comm+

Now to program the holodeck. And he stood up and left the security office.

It had been a few days since he had taken over the Security Dept. He had accomplished much. Just finishing the 100 percent inventory and finding everything was in the right place. So he headed for the bridge to give his tactical officer a break, hoping he would run into Yeoman Phillips.

Now that the business of security was on point, it was time to take care of his primal needs. And Mia kinda set him off in that direction.

Lt Alex Sexton
Chief of Security
USS Andromeda