Captain's Log

Posted on Sat Dec 10th, 2022 @ 5:29pm by Captain James McGowan
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Mission: Preparing for Launch
Location: Earth Starbase
Timeline: Before getting on the ship

"Admiral, I think he's ready," said the female Orion captain, Viola April, as she looked over his history and recent events. She leaned back in the comfortable chair, taking in the brisk air of Richmond, Virginia.

The admiral smiled a fatherly smile. White hair and a nice trim beard, he looked similar to Donald Sutherland from back in the late 20th century, his three admiral pips gleaming on his rank stripe. He looked at his PADD and scrolled through. "Let's send him in then, Vi. I trust your judgment."

The door chimed and in walked Captain McGowan, the very picture of a Starfleet captain. He gave a crisp salute that the admiral returned, and was offered a seat.

"Welcome, Captain McGowan, it's a pleasure to see you again after all this time," he said with a friendly smile. The last time he had seen Jim was at his wife's funeral a few years back.

"Likewise Admiral," he replied with a nod. "How're the grandkids?"

"Oh, little Chip and Joanna are a handful, that's for sure, always building something with their little Vulka-Bricks," he laughed a little.

Viola gently slid the PADD closer, keeping her expression neutral, hoping to get the admiral back on track. A strand of dark green hair fell to a side of her face and she tucked it behind an ear as the admiral took the hint.

"So, we have a new ship for you," the admiral said, looking at the PADD with his transfer orders, and giving it to the captain. "Galaxy class, top of the line."

"Aren't those space hotels? I mean, Starfleet's luckily been at peace, but carrying around civilians and children?"

"Before you object," the admiral raised a hand in defense, "this is unlike the Enterprise, Galaxy, or the first six ships. Only crew family have been allowed going forward. The experiment in cetacean navigation has been eliminated with larger arboretums and crew amenities that make the holodecks a little less necessary. We want you to go to the Triangle."

"I've heard rumors there," McGowan said as he reviews the specs. "Daltari have been making waves there."

"Their little empire seems eager to grow," the admiral nodded in agreement. "They look like Jem'Hadar and earth Dinosaurs had babies together, but are radically more xenophobic and are practically religious fanatics. Their position in the Triangle meant the Romulans and Klingons have been jockeying for position with them, and they're tired of it, and want their own piece of the galactic pie. I need you to finish stocking your ship, get your crew, and make best possible speed. Understood?"

Jim was about to object, opening his mouth, but the admiral cut him off.

"I know about your wife and what really happened, but you're one of our best captains, and honestly, I trust you more than I would trust Captain Riker or Captain Picard on this mission. That far away from the Core, things are a little less....structured...shall we say, and you've shown you can handle yourself and what the Federation represents as the situation requires."

Jim sighed a little and closed his mouth, pursed his lips a little, and realized he wasn't going to get out of this one. He took the last captaincy as a favor to Starfleet, which offered a 50,000 credit bonus in addition to his choice of crew.

"I'll do my best, admiral," McGowan said with a nod. He stood as the admiral and Captain April did. They shook hands and he left; his letter of resignation unsent.

"Did you see the letter?" Viola asked as the door closed behind him, eyes looking sideways to the admiral.

"I didn't see a thing, Vi," he said slyly with a smile. "If anyone can help with the Daltari it's McGowan. He won't talk a situation to death with pontification. He'll get things done."

"I sincerely hope so admiral, because the Federation can't afford another war at the moment," Viola said, her emerald eyes drawn to the outside campus as McGowan walked with his duffelbag to get to a waiting shuttle.

Captain's Log, Startdate 47031.8

I've been assigned to the USS Andromeda, a new Galaxy-class ship, and as I review its specifications, I can't help but be impressed. The warp engines have been updated to a more efficient and subspace-friendly design, with two additional phaser banks atop them. The interiors have been updated so the ship doesn't resemble a space-hotel like Lagrange Station 3.

The admiral practically gave it to me. I guess my resignation will have to wait. My family's farm in Georgia, where I grew up down in Doerun, is in good hands for the time being. But we do have some great hydroponics on the ship, which provide a good portion of our food for the crew, and without the cetacean experiment, those areas have been converted into additional arboretums for the crew to enjoy mountain, jungle, desert, and other environments in a garden-like style. I do look forward to seeing them.

Duty and honor. That's what we value in Starfleet. The loss of my wife still stings, but I will complete my mission. I sincerely hope we can prevent an out-and-out war with the Daltari.